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Thanks for visiting Community Learning Partnership. We serve our lovely communities within the boundaries of Hertfordshire County Council. Please feel free to explore the website. We have many fantastic projects, courses, and activities to share with all of you ;-) That's why we divided it all into convenient sections so you can just have a look at what you like. Look around and get in touch any time. Enjoy.
Elizabeth Borg - Director

The CLP Fun Team

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Cheryl is currently working as our fab outreach & Course coordinator. But that's not all ! Super Cheryl has organized three family learning festivals on behalf of CLP as well as putting many  hours behind many other projects. She has been involved with CLP from the learner perspective, and therefore has much insight to bring into improving outreach.

Elizabeth Borg - Visionary Talent Herder
Elizabeth's official role is 'Director' of CLP - but the tittle does not reflect her hands-on approach. Her open, collaborative style of working ensures that she experiments, consults and trials ways to improve the delivery of family and adult learning opportunities. It is all fun and we realise now that her gifts of food are actually effective negotiating tools!

William Doust - Stories Evangelist - for our lovely learners and CLP ;-)
He is always armed to the teeth with a digital voice recorder or camera... ready to capture inspirational insights relating to learner stories or amazing business practices. He loves to turn business planning and technology into fun and accessible ways to reach out to learners now and in the future. He says he is not a geek and that this is not into "communications as usual!"...Power to the people ;-) ...through participatory action research !

Welcome to Family Fun & Adult Learning

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Hi, We're Community Learning Partnership, bringing smiles and aspirations to our fabulous learners in Hertfordshire.

Our reason for being is to switch lights, open minds and nurture new beginnings...
We aim to cultivate untapped potential, transform family relationships and break cycles of underachievement by encouraging and supporting families to create a learning environment at home

We at CLP are known for a passion and enthusiasm for providing holistic, innovative family learning programmes to families in areas of deprivation across Hertfordshire. Our courses are well-known by the name Family Fun with the emphasis truly on families learning by having fun! We have a reputation that precedes us because of our novel, slightly off-the-wall approach to learning.

We connect with families by using empathy and understanding to win hearts and minds, removing barriers to learning.

CLP has found that families remain engaged with learning and go on to new opportunities that they thought were unimaginable. Many parents report that their children do not realise how they are learning as the families are having so much fun! Parents are also amazed at how much they learn and enjoy in such a creative environment.

Community Learning Partnership is a not-for-profit limited company based in South Oxhey, Watford, and is headed up by founding member, Elizabeth Borg.

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arts and crafts funder

arts and crafts funder

arts and crafts funder

Community Learning Partnership LTD. Registered Charity Number: 1155750.
Many, many recent things have happend, but there has been no time to put these onto our blogsite!!!

Our teaching, contracts and the energizing running of the CLP Angels group has not left time to get on with these bits! - but we know these Lil' Gaps remain ;-)