The CLP Core Team

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Elizabeth Borg - Visionary Talent Herder

Elizabeth is one of the founding directors of CLP, and she's the Chief Executive Officer. However, this official-sounding role doesn't reflect her hands-on approach and passion for supporting others to realise their potential.   Her open, collaborative style of working ensures that she experiments, consults and trials ways to improve the delivery of family and adult learning so that as many people as possible can "switch on their lights to learning". 

Cheryl Morgan - Mission Possible Agent

Cheryl is our energetic Outreach Worker. As a former CLP student, she knows exactly how it feels to take those first steps back into learning after negative experiences at school. Cheryl is super-persuasive, as she's a walking and talking example of lifelong learning! Hundreds of Hertfordshire adults and children benefit from her encouragement and support each year.  She also co-manages CLP's art journalling group, The Journalling Junkies, with Laura.

Laura Martin - Smooth Operator

Laura took part in a family learning course with her daughter, and it wasn't long before we spotted her artistic talent.  We couldn't let her slip through our fingers, so before long she was volunteering and then working for CLP!  Laura is completely unflappable and the swishing sound of her working calmly is so soothing! She's also had a significant input into the creative direction that we've taken, co-managing the Journalling Junkies with Cheryl. 

William Doust - Stories Evangalist

Will is always armed to the teeth with a digital voice recorder or camera... ready to capture inspirational insights relating to learners' stories and experiences. He loves to create content to reach out to new learners, giving them the confidence and inspiration to sign up to a CLP course or project.

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